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Accused of Damaging My Rental Car

Accused of Damaging My Rental Car 1

What Happened

I arrived at an in particular busy airport area for a National automobile apartment and something I could get for an eight-day rental every day. I added it lower back tomorrow because it now does not go to paintings for my desires. They have probably been to have extra automobiles available after I came back.

I talked about multiple motors I saw parked inside the lot and became told that the ones weren’t available, but the supervisor becomes bringing around a GMC Acadia for me. It becomes an appropriate substitute for my desires, and I waited for him to bring it around.

He noted that there had been harm on the windshield whilst he added the keys to the counter, wherein I changed into waiting and asked that the rep notated my rental. She clacked the keyboard, and I went to the automobile.

Then I Got A Letter in The Mail

Accused of Damaging My Rental Car 2

Despite the clacking of the keyboard, the account changed into either ignored or the notes were overlooked. I acquired a letter within the mail more than one week following the condominium that stated I had triggered harm to a rental and the date. I regarded it up and waited.

I sooner or later acquired a full reaction wherein the harm become targeted, and it was alleged that I had damaged the windshield. The Damage Recovery Unit holds constrained hours 7 AM – 6 PM Monday through Friday significant time, which could make it pretty tough for a west coast renter running bankers hours to get ahold of them.

I acquired this claim for damage of a car I drove on [redacted]; the record is dated one week prior.

Attached to this email, you will locate a photo taken of the harm with time and date proof to show that this became damaged previous to my popularity of the car. I had added a car in and had to change; the manager brought this GMC Acadia for me and made me aware of the harm. He additionally asked the table agent to make a word of it in Odyssey, and while I couldn’t see her screen, she did seem to notate the account previous to my departure.

I took a picture to file it for my own safety (as I could always do when I find harm on an automobile before I depart). I might typically go back inside and transfer; however, as the supervisor had mentioned the harm, the agent noted it previous to me leaving, and the lack of cars in [redacted], there has been no want to swap it out. You’ll be aware of the date and time at the front quit of the rental and that the auto continues to be parked in the National car parking zone at [redacted].