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CHESTER – A business named after a six-12 months-old deaf and blind Australian Shepherd dog named Molly gives two opportunities to the community. Molly’s Bicycle Shop, which relocated from Enon to the coronary heart of Chester in 2016, now stocks its area with Molly’s Blind Dog Brewery. In 2013, proprietors Louis and Amy Scheer of Richmond bought the shop in Enon, which turned into Cycle Solutions on Time, formerly Pedals, Chains, and Things. “I always wanted to have a bike keep / coffee save/brewery,” Louis Scheer stated. “I got the encouragement to continue with the brewery from a beyond employee now working in Reston at The Bike Lane. It has a brewery that opened a yr and a half to 2 years ago, which has been a success.” Louis Scheer said he expects the motorcycle save and brewery to complement a planned coffee keep throughout the road.

Bicycles and Brews 2

“I assume the brand new business will sincerely assist us,” he said. “It brings the region up. We have too many groups that are service-oriented in a feel and no buying. Shopping and restaurants entice human beings.” While the store is called for Molly, there is another dog — 9-12 months-old Toby, a Black Lab — who also is accessible to greet guests. In one event, Louis Scheer had to forestall what he turned into speakme approximately and scold Toby for getting up on the furniture. “Get off the couch,” he stated, concurrently giving Toby a deal. “You recognize higher…Now lay down.”

He stated that a motorbike shop is just like a barbershop in that it’s far a type of network hangout. People stop by using to socialize as well as store. “Having determined this fashion for years, it, in flip, made me think to have a brewery for all people,” Louis Scheer said. “Our general aim is to get the corporations to assist every different. Like in Winter, the brewery will still help carry in income. Cycling as an entire sort fluctuates up and down. So it changed into perfect timing to get this commenced.” According to the proprietors, Molly’s Bicycle Shop is the only motorcycle in Virginia with a brewery within it. And it’s the handiest one inside the Tri-Cities that sells beer. “We opened the brewery approximately three weeks ago, and we’ll have a grand beginning approximately a month from now. It’s been tentatively set for Sept. 21,” stated Louis Scheer.

How did Louis get into the bicycle business?

“I grew up in a motorcycle save,” he said. “My dad was a mechanic and owned his motorcycle keep in San Diego. Every day after school...This is where I might pass. I had been earning wages, given that I turned ten. At first, I would ease the shop, and by the point I changed into 13, I became repairing motorcycles.” A few years out of high school, Louis joined the hearth branch. “After serving 12 years as a firefighter, I left that and labored for ‘The Man’ in a corporation for approximately nine or 1tenyears. Then, wwe ere given uninterested in that and opened Molly’s,” he stated.

What does his spouse Amy consider including a brewery?

“I think Chester needed a brewery,” Amy Scheer stated. “We’ve constantly been pretty centered on the network…Arranging community rides and biking events. We’re hoping other breweries will enter this region and make this a vacation spot for bike and beer lovers. “Also, for women…It creates a calming environment. Breweries tend to be family-friendly, and we’re a circle of relatives friendly bicycle save.”

According to Louis Scheer, agencies are welcome to maintain conferences, lectures, training, and other activities at the store, and extra seating could be added soon. “We will add picnic benches to our grassy lot for locals to hang out the various trees and play corn hollow, washers, and board video games. We’re additionally going to install a fenced-off canine run for customers’ dogs while wwhilethey’re here,” he said enthusiastically.

Beverly Schechter of Midlothian shared,

“This is my 2d visit to the brewery. My first one was to drop off my motorbike, and I’m selecting it up nowadays,” Schechter stated. “I love this region because you’re in surroundings in which there are already motorcycle enthusiasts. So, to have the possibility to take a seat and percentage a lager with people with not unusual interests…It is an incredible opportunity. Combining an advanced bike restore with a social opportunity is ideal.”

Louis Scheer stated he and head brewer Chad Ritter collaborate on what they would like to offer, then Ritter figures out the recipe and makes it. Some brews they’ve established include Molly’s First Run, Mr. Nubbs Stout, Charlie’s Brown Ale, and Single Track Blonde Ale. Ritter introduced, “We might be introducing Red Ale and West Coast IPA quickly.” Ritter created Charlie’s Brown Ale in honor of his son.

Cross-educated for both motorcycle store and brewery, Kendale Irving of Enon shared, “I helped name two of the brews. During Wit, Wheat got here from desiring to run around the corner to get a drag to apply as a filter out one time. And, I got here up with Mr. Nubbs because Toby’s tail got stuck in a vehicle door at some point, and it had to be removed as it wouldn’t heal nicely.” On his 2d go to the brewery, Henry Carrillo of South Chesterfield shared, “Yesterday, I tried Molly’s First Run. It changed into delicious. Today, I tried Mr. Nubbs Stout, which has an excellent flavor.