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Cordova Gear now imparting restore to all bikes

Cordova Gear now imparting restore to all bikes 1

How does a commercial enterprise like Cordova Gear compete with Amazon? Any motorcycle component found on Cordova Gear’s shelves can also be determined underneath Amazon’s “Outdoor Recreation” tab. But there are one component online outlets can’t do: set up a motorbike component or repair it when it breaks. Natasha Casciano, the proprietor of Cordova Gear, earned her bicycle mechanic certification at Portland’s United Bicycle Institute. When she commenced selling bicycles in 2017, Casciano provided maintenance at the bikes from her store. As of Aug. 15, she also offers care to bikes from different shops.


“It’s a difficult enterprise for a small community,” Casciano said. “We’re teeny, and I can’t convey parts for each sort of motorbike … But, I determined, if there wasn’t a service in town, we needed to expand our provider so that we can provide repair to bikes other than what we sell. We have been getting a bigger and bigger response.” After the morning rush dies down, Casciano retreats to her bicycle garage, a slim, L-fashioned sunroom that runs along the aspect of the shop. There, she works replacing burst internal tubes and rusty cables, ducking again into the store while clients arrive. The commonest upkeep, like flat tires and worn-out brake pads, also are the most inexpensive to restore. Casciano fees no less than $25 for any bike going up on the rack.

Cordova Gear also features a “bicycle seat library” wherein riders can try out one-of-a-kind seats. Casciano believes that many beginner cyclists surrender to the game genuinely because they’re riding on an uncomfortable chair. This problem seems more likely to afflict girls than guys, she said. Casciano recommends reserving an appointment if your motorcycle’s gears don’t shift smoothly, its wheels wobble, or its brakes are less responsive than they were. Squealing or other peculiar sounds can also signal trouble. “If human beings end up more aware, they no longer handiest trip more, but they cope with their motorcycles plenty better,” Casciano said.