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IPhone Accessories Guide: Our Favorite Picks for 2019

IPhone Accessories Guide: Our Favorite Picks for 2019 1

The iPhone has been around for more than ten years, giving accent producers time to develop useful accessories that beautify, shield, and fee your iPhone. There are so many iPhone accessories available on the market that we can not go through all of them; however, in this manual, we highlight a few products that we think are among the first-class add-ons you can get for the iPhone. Over time, we’ll update this guide to feature new gadgets, take away vintage objects, and highlight wonderful merchandise we encounter, so make sure to test back in sometimes.

Cases and Screen Protectors

There are an infinite variety of iPhone cases and display screen protectors in the marketplace, and here at MacRumors, we’ve examined plenty of what’s to be had. I will no longer undergo every iPhone case you may get because that listing could be infinite. However, I will rather highlight some of the favorites we’ve used through the years and a number of the fave brands of our readers.

IPhone Accessories

– Silicone Cases from Apple ($35 to $39) – Apple designs iPhone cases to go along with its iPhones, and because these are Apple created, they’re perfect in shape for each iPhone. Apple’s silicone cases are grippy, skinny sufficient no longer to add numerous bulk, and, most importantly, shielding. I’ve been using silicone cases nearly exclusively on my iPhones because the iPhone 6, and through many, many drops, some quite large, my iPhones have usually survived intact. If you do not like the feel of silicone, which some people do not, Apple also has an incredible choice of leather cases that might be just as protective.

Smart Battery Case ($129) – Apple has a series of Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, which enlarge the battery existence of your iPhone. These cases are much like the Silicone Cases from Apple but have a bump for a battery percentage at the lower back. Suppose you often walk out of battery lifestyles at some stage in the day or need an extra battery for an upcoming trip or outing. In that case, those cases from Apple are your best bet for added energy handily without having to carry any other accent. Apple’s Battery Cases can price wirelessly, and you can see the battery life left the right of your iPhone.

– Mujjo Leather Wallet Case (~$ forty-six .50) – MacRumors editor Tim clothing his iPhone with a Full Leather Wallet Case from Mujjo, which features a first-rate amount of protection without quite a few bulks. The Wallet Case is made from leather-based and has a further slot at the return that can preserve your credit and debit cards.

– RhinoShield SolidSuit and Mod NX ($35 to $38) – The RhinoShield SolidSuit and Mod NX line of instances are narrow, protective, and customizable, with consumers capable of choosing case shade, pattern, and buttons. Moreover, these instances are designed to paint with RhinoShield’s line of upload-on digicam lenses. If your mechanic is available, it’s advisable to take him with you. He also knows your Jeep; most mechanics can tell original accessories from counterfeits. They are experts in that field, so it’s obvious that they know all the machinery very well. Your mechanic accompanying you will increase the chances of landing the right accessories.