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Lemon Cars: How to Win a Lemon Law Case

Lemon Cars: How to Win a Lemon Law Case 1

A lemon car has defects that the dealership cannot fix after countless repair attempts. If such a scenario happens, you should file a lemon law claim. Upon winning the share, you will get compensation. However, winning a lemon law case is a daunting task for many. So, you’ll need to learn how and ways to win the case.

How To Win a Lemon Law Case Without Attorney - LemonPros

Check out tips to win a lemon law case

1. Understand what you’re entitled to

You’ll have an option of a replacement or a refund if you make a lemon law claim. The amount you’ll get will vary depending on various factors, and it’s best calculated using a Lemon law calculator. The process is known as lemon law buyback, and you can get a replacement or a refund.

  • The lemon car refund process

A refund is getting the money you incurred while buying the vehicle. It gives you a chance to buy a new car that doesn’t have issues. A refund seeks to pay various expenses such as:

  • Down payment
  • Monthly Payment
  • Vehicle financing, taxes, registration fees, and service contractors
  • Loan balance

However, the manufacturer is allowed to deduct a usage fee. A usage fee is based on the period the vehicle was operating without issues and the value of miles based on the car before the first repair.

After agreeing on the refund amount, surrender dates are set up. You’ll arrive at the lemon car and get your refund check on that date.

2. Hire a lemon law attorney

A lemon law claim is a legal process with many requirements you likely need to learn. Doing it alone can lead to costly mistakes like failing to observe the statute of limitations. You can avoid that by hiring a lemon law attorney to handle the case. The lawyer has the experience and knows the ins and outs of lemon law and will use that knowledge for your benefit.

3. Describe all the problems in detail

If you’re taking your car for repair, give all the details. Please provide information about when the issue occurs and the associated sounds and smells. If it’s a repeated issue, give all the details each time. You’ll be able to prove the problem is the same when the Lemon law documentation shows that the problem is the same.

4. Ensure that the dealer’s documentation is thorough

Start by confirming that the service adviser includes all of the details of the car problems in your repair order. If you don’t get the documents, request them and sign them. Check the records to ascertain that they describe the repair work done and any replaced parts.

The documents will be helpful when the warranty expires, but the same issue occurs again. You’ll argue that the part was defective before the contract expired.

Lastly, ensure the dealers’ paperwork shows the length of time your car was out of service. The details are essential if your vehicle has various problems that the dealer seems to fix the first time properly. Your vehicle will qualify for lemon law due to the number of days it was out of service.


You can file a lemon law claim if you buy a lemon car to seek compensation for the money you spent on the lemon. However, the dealer will be working to discredit your claim. But don’t worry! With the above tips, not even the manufacturer can stop you from winning the lemon law claim.