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Now Craigslist Is Charging a Fee to List Your Car for Sale—but It Also Has a New Competitor

Now Craigslist Is Charging a Fee to List Your Car for Sale—but It Also Has a New Competitor 1

Starting April 15, Craigslist will begin charging a nominal $five price to list a car on its person-to-person sales website. It’s a small quantity, but the life of any charge in any respect is certain to harass auto fans who’ve come to rely upon Craigslist as an area to locate precise vehicles for sale. Although Craigslist’s new charge first broke on Reddit, our colleagues at Road & Track have investigated it as nicely. Craigslist hasn’t yet responded to their request for comment. Count our workforce some of the disappointed Craigslist users; we have a devoted Slack channel used for sharing listings of cool vehicles on the website.

Assistant online editor Daniel Golson has the simplest ever offered cars on Craigslist, with his 1994 Volvo 940 Turbo and 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300TD station wagons. “We are Craigslist high-quality users, I might say,” stated accomplice online editor Joey Capparella, who purchased his 1999 Honda Prelude from a Craigslist dealer in Toledo, Ohio. In what might be the fine timing ever, Hemmings Motor News tweeted on Wednesday to announce it is working on a new online auction website, Hemmings Auctions. While it isn’t operational and may not be a free listing website, it’ll be part of Bring a Trailer and Craigslist in presenting vehicle enthusiasts with an area to shop for and sell cool motors.


We’re satisfied that Hemmings is becoming a member of the online car income fray, and we’re also fond of looking at auctions on Bring a Trailer. However, we hope the $five Craigslist charge does not flip off dealers from using the fuss-unfastened platform. Buying and promoting cars for income breaks down into five steps. Those steps encompass: studying the proper vehicle to buy, inspecting and shopping for, advertising, promoting, and coping with taxes & titles. There is a wealth of information for each person’s step, but we’ll cover just the fundamentals in this newsletter.

1. Researching the proper car to shop for -Blindly leaping into buying a vehicle will almost certainly yield a loss. It would help if you did all the vital research to maximize your income. This includes looking around and seeing what the car dealerships are promoting, the rate they sell for on Craigslist, what form of competition you’ll be up against, and any / all data you could get.

2. Inspecting and Buying – Once you discover the car on the way to sell, you must purchase it. Inspecting your car for a secure purchase is critical if you need to buy and sell vehicles for earnings. Buy a used car that runs exactly and could most effectively take a small investment to make it appear or run extraordinarily if an automobile has a dent or imperfection. That gives you leverage to negotiate the price down. The key to making money flipping motors is to shop for a car at the proper price.

Three. Advertising – Advertising your car for sale is precisely what sells it. If no person knows it is for sale, how do you assume to make any money promoting it? You can experience many achievements selling automobiles to your nearby Craigslist, eBay, local commercials, and signs. These are honestly cheaper ways that yield tremendous consequences. I usually enforce them all at once to promote the car in the shortest quantity of time viable.
4. Selling – Once you have got a lead, you should choose an area to meet up with it (it must be somewhere secure that you’re feeling at ease. usually a

grocery keep parking lot). Please don’t pretend to be a car salesman; it’s in all likelihood why they did not go to a car lot. Allow them to appear it over, journey along on the check force, and be quiet. When they may be finished, ask them what they think and if you could make a deal. Don’t open yourself up to negotiation if viable.

5. Taxes and Titles – Taxes and name-switching are the trickiest elements. Make positive to test your country’s legal guidelines for shifting titles and how to switch vehicle ownership efficiently. There are methods to save money on taxes; however,r they’re illegal and should be carefully considered before trying. This is an indispensable part of shopping for and promoting automobiles for earnings.