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Move Over Miata: The Audi TT Is More Likely To Last Over a hundred and fifty,000 Miles

Move Over Miata: The Audi TT Is More Likely To Last Over a hundred and fifty,000 Miles 1

Once more, our friends at iSeeCars.Com have crunched the records and provided you with a new list for 2019 of the most likely to rack up some critical mileage. The winners are predictable, with big vans, SUVs, and Toyotas taking the top spots. However, a surprise chief was inside the iSeeCar’s latest category: sports cars. First, some updates to the final 12 months’ list; for 2019, things don’t exchange a good deal, but a few large vehicles get shuffled around. Once again, the Toyota Sequoia takes the pinnacle spot. However, the Chevrolet Suburban edges out the Ford Expedition for a wide variety.

Audi TT

However, the sports activities car class is wherein things get thrilling. The Audi TT is the maximum possible to reach the hundred and fifty 000-mile mark through a considerable margin over the Mazda Miata and the Ford Mustang. At the same time, the Miata edges out the Audi on the two hundred,000 mark by using a .2 percentage. One of the draws of a Miata (besides it being wicked fun to pressure) is how dependable it’s far—a Miata has to run for all time with the right remedy. The reality that so many Audi TTs have survived with such high miles is a testament to “German construct excellent” or, more than probable, that TT proprietors are inclined to spend much money to keep their cars running.

As for the technique in the back of the observer:

iSeeCars.Com analyzed over 13.8 million pre-owned vehicles sold in 2016 from 1981 through 2018. Models that were now not in manufacturing as of the 2018 version 12 months, heavy-duty automobiles, and low-extent fashions were excluded from further analysis. For each model, the proportion of the number of vehicles with at least two hundred 000 miles was calculated. For more rankings and the most lasting luxurious cars and hybrids, check out the whole file at iSeeCars.Com.

Clarification: The authentic headline referred to more famous examples of Audi TTs having more than one hundred fifty 000 miles. This changed into incorrect, as the statistics relate to the proportion of used Audi TTs offered with more significant than one hundred fifty,000 miles. We regret the error.