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Volvo To Be First Automaker To Offer Post-Crash Connected Service

Volvo To Be First Automaker To Offer Post-Crash Connected Service 1

Long regarded for its recognition as a safety-oriented automaker, Volvo is readying its rollout of a related carrier to minimize the pressure after an accident. It might be the first automaker to apply Accident Advisor, a page created using Chicago-based Certified Collateral Corporation. “It’s essentially a give up-to-end experience to guide you through all the one’s moments right after the twist of fate takes place,” said Marc Fredman, Head of Strategy at CCC, in an interview. “It honestly publications you via every unmarried step you need to do–which pix ought you’re taking, how you take notes at the coincidence, what you should go along with your car.” The motive force can look at once shipping the records to the insurance agency, report a claim, and book an appointment with an authorized restore store.

“Our last aim is to make the patron’s life much less complicated and make certain we restore that vehicle to the highest quality viable,” stated Scott Doering, Vice President of Customer Service at Volvo Car USA, in an interview.


Here’s the way it works. When a Volvo driver whose car is hooked up to Accident Advisor is in a crash, a signal is dispatched to Volvo’s call center. A consultant communicates with the motive force to decide if emergency offerings such as an ambulance are vital. If now not, Accident Advisor then walks the driving force through the subsequent steps of documenting the damage to the automobile and communicating with the insurance organization, and restoring the shop
“Because we have already got integrations with insurance corporations, restore stores, and so on, we can put that revel in together so that during some clicks you can take the pictures you need, you may take the notes that you need, you may notify your coverage company, e-book a restore store, and that can all happen literally in mins,” explained Fredman.

The provider might be unfastened to Volvo proprietors with cars no older than the 2015 model yr and are prepared with connectivity to the Volvo community.

Doering said the organization continues to consider re-branding Accident Advisor to more carefully perceive it with Volvo and is “kicking around” some names. The plan is to roll it out to the public fairly quickly. However, the organization is taking a “measured technique,” stated Doering. He noted that part of that method could be to couple Accident Advisor, or something named the employer markets it under, with software called “Tow For Life.”

“We’re going to extend complimentary towing to all customers if they have a roadside event,” said Doering, “so I think combining Accident Advisor and Tow for Life offers us a very robust message in supporting our purchasers at their time of need.”

Doering said that about 12 months ago, Volvo made the selection to bring roadside assistance in-house as opposed to outsourcing it, explaining, “We want to have our marketers who recognize our products and feature a form of a 360-degree view of the customer, be capable of cope with those purchasers in the right manner.”

While Volvo is the first automaker to adopt Accident Advisor, CCC’s Marc Fredman says its exclusivity won’t last long. “You’re going to see plenty of extra groups saying solutions powered by Accident Advisor like what we’re doing, first with Volvo,” said Fredman. “We produce other OEMs we’ll be pronouncing this year in addition to different businesses inside the transportation surroundings that need to provide that give up-to-cease linked protection studies for his or her drivers–each insurance businesses as well as other groups concerned in transportation.”

Most primary coverage corporations are on board with Accident Advisor, making it less complicated for drivers to record claims and arrange for upkeep–streamlining and simplifying the method, stated Fredman, who declared,

“We’re trying to convey the contemporary era to revel in that hasn’t visible a lot of innovation in quite a while.”