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Watches & Cars: Sell Your Rolex with Bob’s Watches

Watches & Cars: Sell Your Rolex with Bob’s Watches 1

We’ve long been advocates for pre-owned watches. In fact, on every occasion I speak to a friend or member of the family searching for shopping for an eye fix, I always advise buying second-hand. That’s because you could usually get substantial discounts for licensed real watches that most effectively have minor signs and symptoms of wear and tear. However, what about promoting your eye? Those used watches need to come from someplace, so why not contribute to the market of used watches while also creating a couple of bucks? That’s wherein Bob’s Watches can help.


Bob’s Watches focuses on used Rolex watches and is one of North America’s most beneficial Rolex Exchanges. Bob’s Watches is the first-class location to shop for a used Rolex timepiece because they’re adding one of the first-class places to promote Rolex.


Browsing Bob’s stock, you’ll find a few genuinely unique watches, not just the everyday metal/black Submariner (even though there’s nothing wrong with a Submariner). Whether it be a classic gold Oyster Perpetual, a cool Milgauss, or the mythical Daytona, Bob’s has it. The purpose of Bob’s beautiful stock is that they shop for prowess.

If you want to sell a Rolex, Bob’s Watches is the region. Their team has over thirty years of combined enjoyment within the watch/Rolex enterprise, so value determinations are correct and fair. To get a quote in your Rolex, you could fill out a shape and get an immediate provide to your luxury timepiece. After you get your quote, if you need to sell, Bob’s will ship an unfastened, absolutely insured FedEx label so that it will send to you. Be careful. After you ship it out, you receive a commission. It’s that easy. There’s also a complete pricing listing to see how every Rolex is worth a good deal, which may help expedite the system.

Selling your Rolex is something we endorse. Unless a watch has some sentimental cost, there’s no reason to dangle onto a look forever. So if you want a new look, perhaps if that more modern Rolex Submariner version catches your eye, sell the one you presently have and return a number of your money to place it closer to the new one. And via “new one,” I imply a new-to-you used to watch of direction.

There’s additionally not anything wrong with shopping for a pre-owned Rolex. Many watch snobs gained’t bear in mind this type of factor, feeling that it’s an inferior experience. But it’s no longer. Like buying a used vehicle, you permit the first customer to take the depreciation hit and get a better price. It’s not merely frugal, and it’s smart. The best motive for getting new is an emotional one — looking for a vivid new toy. Or, in case you’re shopping for a timepiece to skip down through the generations, then yes, buying new is a great concept. But if you’re seeking to position an expensive watch on your wrist, we see the factor in no longer buying used. If you’re searching for a 2nd-hand, certified genuine Rolex, Bob’s Watches is the vicinity to move.