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CRASH REPORT Drivers conned out of thousands after car dealers sell insurance write-offs without crash records

CRASH REPORT Drivers conned out of thousands after car dealers sell insurance write-offs without crash records 1

This ought to mean that customers are paying “hundreds of pounds” greater for the motors than they’re in reality really worth, reports the BBC’s Rip Off Britain.

CRASH REPORT Drivers conned out of thousands after car dealers sell insurance write-offs without crash records 2

Overall, the research located 70 motors on sale at Evans Halshaw, Arnold Clark, and Car Store that had previously been written-off; however it suspects that there are “much greater.”
Cars that have been written off with the aid of an insurer method it’s both so broken that it’s not safe to force, or its miles nevertheless secure to power but charges extra to restoration than the price of the car.

If your vehicle has been deemed hazardous, then you may obtain a cash payout for the loss out of your coverage corporation.
Undercover reporters observed rankings vehicles that were severely danged on the market at salvage auctions just months before they seemed at the automobile dealerships with no signal of their crash history.
BBC’s forensic care professional John Dabek visited the named car dealerships in March to look at the automobiles that the program had diagnosed as write-offs.

He stated he became “surprised” that given the quantity of the maintenance he got here across, there have been no worries raised via whoever assessed the motors on the groups earlier than they ended up on sale.
Not only did he attend to the safety of the motors on the market, however, whether or not, thinking about their history, but they may also be well worth the fee they’re being bought for.
Evans Halshaw and Car Store informed the broadcaster they’d no concept that the vehicles were written off and feature blamed the statistics systems they relied on on testing a vehicle’s background.

Arnold Clark said it believed it had finished all of the exams it can with the records to be had.
Meanwhile, AutoExpress journalist Hugo Griffiths instructed the BBC he’s now not amazed that the dealerships may be blind to the history of a number of the motors they sell.

He has found “tremendous gaps” inside the authentic database utilized by clients and dealerships to check 2d hand automobiles’ history.
He stated an anticipated 80,000 of write-offs 12 months (around 12 consistent with cent of the overall on the market) might be repaired and placed lower back on the street, with new owners having no idea in their vehicle’s beyond.
A spokesperson for comparison internet site Confused.Com told The Sun: “Insurance write-offs regularly get sold for components or are repaired and make it lower back on the street.

“It’s a subject for drivers that a few are making it onto forecourts and being sold without full disclosure.
“Drivers who are pressured approximately whether a vehicle has were given a hidden past ought to use our unbiased automobile checker which can tell you the entirety you need to know approximately its records in less than a minute.”
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