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Driving safety recommendations for the long weekend

Driving safety recommendations for the long weekend 1

Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial quit of summertime. While we need anybody to revel in the vacation, it’s one of the maximum dangerous weekends to be on the roads. Here are some driving safety hints and reminders to help you avoid a lifestyles-altering injury:

If you find yourself stranded in your automobile due to a coincidence, flat tire, or another purpose, pull off the highway or the facet of the road if feasible and right into a car parking zone or much less trafficked vicinity. There is an excessive incidence of damage and fatality among stranded motorists. If your only preference is to drag onto the aspect of the street or highway, don’t get it from your car. Call 911 if you want assistance. Don’t place arms or another extremity out of the window – if you are in an accident, you can lose a limb.

Driving safety recommendations for the long weekend 2
Don’t permit passengers sitting in the front to position their feet on the dashboard – they may go through intense injuries if there is a vehicle coincidence. Don’t permit everyone to sit down within the mattress of your pickup truck, even in case you’re just going around the nook. Always wear a seatbelt and make certain all passengers also put on a seatbelt.

Avoid tablets and alcohol, and don’t get in an automobile with someone beneath the impact of drugs or alcohol. Avoid distracted riding – texting, consuming, and even speaking to others in the car. Be certain to go into your destination into your GPS ahead of time, so you’re not trying to do it while driving. Be mindful of your pets – make sure they’re secured if you want to continue to be safe and are not a distraction to you even as you are driving.