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Why use a km blocker?

Why use a km blocker? 1

Odometer correction is not a novelty – this concept has existed since before the advent of special tools. There were many ways to rewind the mileage, but with the advent of special devices, this process has become much more manageable. The truth is that these devices are as attractive to car owners as candy is to a child. After all, they promise to rewind these kilometers in minutes. However, they are not ideal. A properly selected km blocker has many interesting properties. It has its advantages, but its disadvantages are worth noting. Only by evaluating its pros and cons can one say whether it is worth the money.

km blocker

Tool Benefits

Using a mileage blocker is an effective solution that helps optimize the functionality of your vehicle. Among the main advantages of using it, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Do-it-yourself installation for easy setup and operation of technical equipment.
  • Easily turns on and off while driving.
  • Leaves, no residue, and no soldering or cutting cables are required.
  • Supplied with high-quality plugs and heat-resistant cables.
  • Easy to operate with few key combinations.
  • After removing the module, the mileage does not increase spontaneously.
  • There is no spontaneous increase in mileage after removing the module.
  • The diagnostic tester will not be able to determine the mileage changed by the odometer lock in the vehicle.
  • Select the settings once, and they will be saved without any conditions.
  • Flawless operation of the speedometer and all other auxiliary systems.
  • No messages with signals or errors are viewed on the speedometer or navigation bar.
  • The mating surface and protrusions on the connector guarantee a smooth installation process.

As you can see, the device has many functional advantages due to the ease of installation and configuration. Everyone can easily use a car operation mileage blocker to hide performance and optimize all tasks.

Features of the run blocker

A practical solution for a new generation of vehicles. The odometer/mileage lock allows you to stop the mileage during a vehicle health check. The device will perform equally well if your car’s digital odometer reads mileage or kilometers. The mileage lock tool works great on diesel/gasoline engines, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and electric cars. The module installs and switches between modes using predefined vital combinations and the application. Please note that the mileage correction tools are different as they have an illegal purpose and can only erase the odometer reading. Usually, they are used to rewind the distance traveled. However, modern vehicles have multiple storage devices, and the rollback tool cannot reverse the distance traveled.

There are various odometer lock devices for a wide range of car models. Programmers create software for each make and model, ensuring they work flawlessly. The installation process is identical for all vehicle models and does not require deep car maintenance knowledge. Just plug in the speedometer connector and dashboard and enjoy this unique module’s benefits. You can easily use different car mileage blocker settings to achieve the best device performance. You can also choose a model that fully meets your needs and preferences. To select the right option, familiarize yourself with each model’s character.