Learn About The Parts and Accessories of an Armoured Vehicle.

Almost all armoured vehicles are equipped with a number of accessories and specialized parts to keep the passengers safe. While a fully automated armoured vehicle will come with all these specifications right from the manufacturer, sometimes, people would want to install certain specifications to their regular cars, rather than going all out to buy an armoured car. This is also quite possible, since the accessories of an armoured vehicle can be fixed to regular cars to a certain degree.

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However, it is important to know that you have the correct car model, since all accessories will not go with all regular vehicles. Here we have compiled a list of the common parts and accessories of an armoured vehicle, so that you have a better understanding of how they work and whether they are applicable for you.

  1. Ballistic glass.

This is the first requirement for any armoured vehicle, since the easiest way to target passengers inside would be through the glass. Bulletproof glass is three inches thick and made with substances that can absorb impact from crashes and bullets so that they do not penetrate the glass and harm the passengers. Generally, the thickness of the glass corresponds to the level of safety offered.

  1. Heavy duty tires.

Armoured vehicles are generally manufactured with larger and heavier tires compared to regular cars, since these are designed to keep working even under times of stress, such as punctures. The tires contain a special ring on their inside which is made of an alloy, and this enables greater protection. This feature allows for the vehicle to move very fast in a very short span of time and over various kinds of terrain, in order to get away from threatening situations.

  1. Heavy duty hinges.

The doors in armoured vehicles come with very heavy hinges, which makes them much more difficult to break or crash through, to protect the passengers.

  1. Oxygen supply system.

In threatening situations, it is normal for passengers to experience intense levels stress and panic attacks. For this reason, many armoured vehicles come with an oxygen supply system, similar to the ones seen in airplanes, so that during times of crisis, the passengers inside can be as stable as possible. This is a very practical accessory that can be attached to regular cars as well, not just for security measures- but also if you have sick people in your house.

  1. Communication equipments.

All armoured cars come with advanced communication systems, since when carrying around VIPs, it is always important for security personnel to communicate with one another. VHF Radios are a common feature in armoured vehicles; others include short and long range listening devices and SOS devices.

These are the most common parts and accessories of an armoured vehicle, and also the ones that can be easily installed in regular cars as per convenience.

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