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New bike shop opens in Nevada City

New bike shop opens in Nevada City 1

2016 Jay Barre started, persevered, and completed The Tour Divide. The race stretches from Banff, Canada, to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, is 2,745 miles of mountain biking and generally reaches 200,000 feet of elevation gain, consistent with the Adventure Cycling Association. Barre, who completed the race in 24 days, stated it’s comparable to climbing Mt. Everest in seven instances. “I didn’t experience for a couple of weeks after that race,” he said. Three years later, on Aug. 15, Barre opened his first motorcycle keep in Nevada City: You Bet! Bicycle Sales & Service. Barre may be the website hosting the shop’s grand commencing on Sept. 14. Barre grew upine the Midwest and said he’s labored at severa bike stores over the past 20 years. Having acquired a grasp’s degree in natural chemistry, he’s been navigating the worlds of technological know-how and cycling.

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(He ties his appreciation for a topic that many college students detest to the amusement of drawing — his mother and father have been artists — which, he stated, is essential in natural chemistry.) Barre likes science but “didn’t want to be stuck in a lab all day” and therefore has been working on bikes in shops simultaneously as teaching chemistry component time on the grounds of graduate school. After a particularly brutal 2014 Chicago wintry weather, Barre moved to California to be in the direction of his dual brother, he said. And upon meeting the lady who laterbecamee his wife at Joshua Tree National Park, thetwo2 moved to Georgetown, California, in El Dorado County. Whilet teaching component-time at Sierra College, herecently  determined that his motorbike save ought to fill a gap in the Nevada County network.


You Bet! comes from the previous mining metropolis in Nevada County and a prized word of Lazarus Beard, a saloon keeper in the town. “I want it to be fun; I want it to be fine,” stated Barre. Barre hopes he saves presents want to the network as, he said, avenue biking becomes much less popular, and individuals gravitate toward gravel street and mountain biking. “(I want to) be greater welcoming and include all stages of riders,” he stated. The store owner also needs the network to hang around at his keep. He’s mounted a place where people can analyze a map of motorbike trails around the county. “We need to do community activities like organization rides, film nights, and extra social rides tointeractn with a number of the humans in the place,” he said. Having worked on motorcycles for two years, Barre hopes to assist restore and update beaten-up motorcycles on the region’s tough trails. “What is critical for a motorbike save to live to tell the tale in this day ,and age is the carrier,” he stated.