Volunteers restore the mountain motorcycle trails at Kiwanis Park

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) – The Mankato Area Mountain Bikers are tasked to open 5 miles of trail for local bikers.

Since late March, the Kiwanis Park Mountain Bike Trail has visible excessive flooding damage to its bike paths.

About 20 volunteers joined the Mankato Area Mountain Bikers to reclaim and repair the paths, starting with the mile–long green path.

“This area is right here became beneath in all likelihood 6 feet of water. There are regions out within the path where I’m status there, and there’s debris that’s really above my head. It changed into probably a good 10 ft deep, easily available in spots, and it had currents – all of the longs and the entirety pass in, and it’s almost not possible to locate the trail. So, now we’re rebuilding once more for I think the fifth time,” president of Mankato Area Mountain Bikers Jason Thate said.

Some trails have areas that need clean–up and others that need to be absolutely rebuilt.

Once volunteers complete the fast loop, they will flow onto another part of the trail.

Those volunteers aren’t certain how long it will take for the one’s trails to reopen.

Joel Butler

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