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Car Sales Tax in Illinois – New and Old

Car Sales Tax in Illinois – New and Old 1

If you have any kind of plans to trade in your car for the New Year for a new model to sports, then it is an obvious thing you will want to be up to date on the subject and want to know how much you can expect for trading-in your car and how much you are supposed to pay. One of the best methods through which you can hasten up your research is by finding out the new Illinois car trade in-tax changes that are available for the year 2022. You will have to jot down the complete breakdown of how you or anyone can benefit from the particular changes and how you can get ready for trading-in your car with the automotive professionals in your city.

Sales Tax

Sales Tax of Cars in Illinois –

Many people are there who wonder what is (Illinois vehicle sales tax)? So, one of the things that you should know is that, there are no sales tax that is there on the vehicles trading-in value, as it is mostly used as the point of difference between the new vehicle purchase price and the trade in value. Though, on January 1, 2020 there was a Senate Bill 690 which was signed on June 28 by the Gov. J.B. Pritzker will go into effect. It would mean that the state and the local sales tax will now be applied to any car trade-in value for more than $10,000.

The states sales tax for the trade-in will now cost the drivers around 6.25% whereas the municipalities can have an average sales tax of 2.49%. And, across the state, the car drivers can expect an average trade-in sales tax of 8.74%. Plus, the people in Chicago can expect a sales tax that is nearly 10.25%. This is like one of the initiatives that have been taken to fund the road.

Latest Update of 2022 –

It has been made effective from January 1, 2022 that the retail car/vehicle buyers will now get the full tax credits on any vehicle or car that they want to trade-in. A car trade in view of the tax credit is a tax credit that you will benefit from when you are trading-in your used car and buying a new one. This update is a part of the Senate Bill 58 which is supported by the CATA i.e., Chicago Automobile Trade Association and Illinois Automobile Dealers Association. As per the (Illinois vehicle tax calculator) and the new update there is a reversal of the $10,000 cap which was set in the year 2020 as a part of the Governor Pritzkers Rebuild Illinois capital infrastructure plan.

Changed Definition of Selling Price –

Another thing, you will know is that Illinois removes the trade-in-value from the definition of selling price. This amendment was made to the Illinois trade-in tax credit and there changed the definition of selling price which is meant for the cars or vehicles that is sold in Illinois. So, due to these changes selling price in Illinois will not include the following –

[The portion of the credit of value for trade-in car or vehicles which exceeds $10,000 and, the credit or value given for traded in-vehicles.]

Therefore, if you are in the market looking for a new car and looking for new Chevrolet Equinox, Malibu, or a brand-new truck for work, or something like all the new chevy Silverado that is up for sale and you are wanting to trade-in your old car, then as per this new statute you will require the full value of all trade ins to be excluded from the tax for retail sales. So, you are assured that you will make more money with your trade-in.

Complete Trade-in Tax Credit is Back –

This change would mean that you will have the capacity to save 1000s of dollars on your trade-in. Prior to 2022, any trade-in that exceeded or passed beyond $10,000 was capped and you cannot earn more in your trade-in. Now, this has been reversed and now you can earn more money on your trade-in and you will also save more dollars on the new car or vehicle that you choose or pick up. In addition, the car buyers can always use the complete trade-in amount when calculating the complete Illinois sales tax which is due at the hour of sale.

Trade-in Tax Credit for 2022- How It Works – (Illinois) –

You can check (Illinois used car sales tax) online. Let’s look at the trade-in tax credit for the year 2022. Suppose in 2021, you bought a vehicle for $40,000 and your trade-in value for your old vehicle was $25,000 then you will only get a $10,000 tax credit due to the cap that was taken o is in effect at that time. As a result of this, in 2021, the tax paid is equal $3,062.50.

Whereas, in the year 2022, you can save more with the new Illinois trade-in tax credit. Let us take the same scenario of the previous year, if you buy a vehicle for $40,000 and your old cars trade-in value is $25,000 you will get a tax credit on the complete trade in amount of $25,000. So, as a result you will only have to pay $1,312.50. Plus, if you compare it with the previous year the difference in total saved is $1,750.

Trading-in a Car & it’s Working Methodology –

If you are planning in to trade-in your car or vehicle before the new year and that too you are a novice and it is the first time for you, then you may have these questions like -how does the trading-in car work? Or where you have to pay the sales tax and so on. But you can get all of this information and more at your local dealership in the city. Follow the following steps to get the process of the vehicle trade-in started –

  • Evaluate the value of your pre-owned car or vehicle with the trade-in calculator. Below you will get (Illinois used car tax and title fees) details.
  • Get an assessment and inspection of your vehicles condition, quality, and demand from the nearby CarMax location.
  • Negotiate the trade-in offer conditions and use your trade-in for money or you can put it for a new vehicle purchase.
  • Accept the T&C of the trade-in, sign the paperwork and go home in your new vehicle.

Illinois car sales tax impacts how consumers in Illinois are charged for their vehicles. For example, sales tax on a car might be different depending on whether you apply trade-in value or incentives, or purchase from a dealership versus private party. For this reason, it’s beneficial to understand how sales tax is calculated on Illinois’ new car purchases.

Sales Tax on Purchase of Car in Illinois –

You can look for (tax on trade in car in Illinois) mentioned above. As per the handbook on sales tax, because the purchase of vehicles is popular in Illinois – then they may come with some substantial taxes. For instance, there is a state sales tax on the buying of automobiles which is 7.25% and an additional county tax also is applicable. As per Toyota Naperville, these county taxes is very less and it tends to range from 0.25% to 0.75%.

Also, according to the daily herald, if you stay within Chicago, you will be charged an extra city sales tax of 1.25%. Plus, if the dealership is handling your cars documentation in any way, then you may be required to pay an additional fee known as dealership documentation fees too.

You can check online for (illinois rv sales tax) and know the same. As per, if a car is being bought between 2 parties, there may be different requirement and taxes, other fees that the purchaser is subject to, and doesn’t matter how the car was purchased, and it includes registration, title fee and plate fees. These fees have been subject to recent legislation and have changed. The cost of registration is $151 and the cost of plate transfer is $25, and the title fee is $150. You can check for the same online and look for any recent changes in the cost of the same mentioned above.

Does the Vehicle Tax of Illinois applies to Trade-in and Rebates –

As per the handbook of Sales tax, some dealerships are there which permits the customers to trade a present or current vehicle for a agreed upon value that has been appraised by the dealership. This value is known as trade-in value and that applies to the price of a new car which reduces the amount for the consumer that he has to pay for the new car or vehicle by the value of the old or the application of limitations by the law.

When the trade-in value is applied to a new vehicle purchased, the sales tax will automatically reflect on the new one. i.e. the new lower cost of the cars. People buying a new car save on the taxes when they use the trade-in value for their new car purchase. You can check the (car sale tax Illinois) and the how sales tax is calculated below –

One more strategy used by the dealers to appeal the car buyers is to give them an offer of rebate and incentives on the price or the cost of the car. A rebate or an incentive is typically known as a dollar or amount that is reduced from the total cost of the car at the hour of purchase.

For instance – A rebate of $2,500 on a vehicle that costs $12,000 would reduce the price of the car to $9,500 at the hour of purchase. Sales tax in Illinois is calculated prior to the application of rebates, so that a buyer who buys the car for $9,500 after a rebate of $2,500 will still pay the full sales tax of up to $12,000.

Increased Cost of the Cars in Illinois 2020 –

According to, rebuild Illinois is a group of laws which has been created to use the tax money for paying new road and infrastructure. This has led to an increase in the total cost for a new car transaction by 100s of dollars. The initiative is a $45 billion capital plan created by Gov. JB Pritzker & its administration in an attempt to address the present-day infrastructure issues in Illinois.

Sales Tax Calculation – How it is Done –

You can check (illinois new car tax) here and more details on the same- As per the Toyota of Naperville, when you are calculating your sales tax, then you should check for the following factors like – the weight of your car or vehicle, Illinois state requirements, the type of license plate you are purchasing and whether your car is new or a use one.

Plus, if you go to see, you will know that the sales tax varies from city to city in the Illinois. For instance, the Sales tax is 7.75% in Naperville, and in Joliet, it is 8.75%. Other considerations comprise of the county regulations. If you want to calculate the sales tax on your new car then follow these steps – This is as per the –

Taxable Value, Calculate It

To get this value, minus the trade-in value or the $10,000 trade in-value limit, from the cost of the car or vehicle.

Find Tax Rate

After you have your taxable value, find the tax rate defined by your state, country, and city.

Do Multiplication

Multiply your tax rate by your taxable value, that will give you the amount of sales tax that you will pay on your car or vehicle. To the cost of the vehicle you can add this number and calculate the buying cost with the sales tax that will be applicable.

[Another thing you will know is that Illinois all-inclusive state and local retail sales tax rate came up to 8.8% in 2022. It is the 8th Highest in the nation and Midwest. Retail sales taxes in the nation are the highest with an all-inclusive state and average local retail sales tax rate i.e. 8.81% in January, 2022. ]