Sexual assault: Tips and sources for staying secure even as out overdue at night time

And after a 21-yr-old lady was assaulted in Newark over the weekend using a man posing as an Uber driving force, campus police on the University of Delaware are reminding college students out past due at night to apply safety apps or name for an escort from cadets who patrol the campus.
College women are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted than robbed, in line with the 2015 AAU Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct.

The equal examination determined that eleven percent of all students enjoy rape or sexual attack thru bodily pressure or incapacitation. The percentage is greater among girls.
The memories may be putting, ranging from the death of Samantha Josephson, a University of South Carolina scholar who was killed in a vehicle she believed was her Uber in March, to the occasions this weekend.

The man posed as an experience-sharing driver to trap the female into the truck, police said.
While the proliferation of journey-sharing services, which include Uber and Lyft, works to counter different troubles like intoxicated driving, they bring their personal safety risks.
Here are hints and resources designed to assist preserve your safe.

Navigating campus properly

On the UD campus, college students and network individuals are recommended by means of the campus police to download the Live Safe app. The app permits users to document suggestions to campus police via textual content with images and speak to 911. It also gives support sources and a “SafeWalk” feature, which permits customers to song each other’s locations at the same time as they chat.
“We’re seeking to join on the identical platforms that our students use,” UD Police Chief Patrick Ogden said. “If someone sees something unusual, they may not need to call 911 and report it; however, college students are used to texting.”
During late-night hours, cadets regularly patrol the campus and are to be had to serve as an escort to someone’s final vacation spot by way of calling 302-831-2222. The carrier is to be had on campus and in particular areas that border campus.

UD police offer extra assets and safety tips for touring overdue-night time:

Walk with a collection.
Travel near blue mild emergency phones indicated through blue dots in this map.
Show an assured mindset and be aware of your environment.
UD police give Rape Aggression Defense training.
Do not lend keys, ID, or constructing access playing cards to each person.
Avoid on foot on or alongside railroad tracks.
Report all suspicious interest via calling 911.
“We’re simply now not immune from crime, so we need to take a proactive method to keep our community secure,” Ogden said.
Delaware State University Police also offers an escort carrier. This is available by using calling 302-857-7911. DSU Police asks that every suspicious interest is said without delay and says to use well-lit paths simultaneously as taking the maximum direct path to your destination.

How to ride safely

After the death of Josephson, experience-sharing agency Uber issued an email to all of its clients reminding them to “take a look at your ride, every time,” and launched an initiative centered on campus safety.
There are more than one approaches to confirm that a rider is moving into the proper automobile. Both Uber and Lyft offer the registration code and vehicle make and model in their app. The app also shows the driver’s name and picture. In addition to ensuring that the statistics to your app fit your experience, Uber and Lyft recommend asking the driving force to verify your name and vacation spot.
At night, Lyft drivers should have a colorful LED light with a Lyft brand displayed on the dashboard. The shade of the tool called Lyft

AMP has to healthy the color displayed for your app.
Once within the car, both Uber and Lyft offer the capacity to share your journey information with a chum. They’ll acquire a notification that tracks your course and arrival time.
Uber and Lyft rides can most effectively be ordered via an app. Both manufacturers caution towards stepping into a car with a driving force that claims to be affiliated and verbally gives a journey.
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